If you were able to see some of the advertisements, your Ad Blocker may not be working. Have a look at comment section to know what can work for you.

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Ad Block Successful Test
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Very usable


Even the extreme test was ez for my adblocker and the tons of lists on it.


Wich lists do you use?


use the GoodByeAds from the github page


Lol I saw this 5 months late. I use nano adblocker and nano defender together. My nano defender backup :


what adblocker?


hosts for jesus


nano died because some dumbasses tried to steal peoples creditinials over it


I Used Adblock Plus and Adblocker Ultimate.


Advanced test was easy for me


I usually use Nano Adblocker + Nano Defender. It didn’t do well on the extreme test. That’s a scary test! I went to the dashboard and enabled AdGuard Base and boom, it aced the extreme test. I don’t know why uBO and Nano Adblocker don’t enable it by default! I couldn’t remember if I had changed anything so I checked out the uBO page on the default filter lists and it turns out that it really doesn’t include AdGuard Base.


Update: please uninstall Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender for Chrome!
If you’re using Firefox, uninstall Nano Adblocker!

The developer has sold their extensions. Use uBlock Origin.

hey alex, if you could remove the recommendations to use nano defender and reek anti adblock killer, that’d be great ๐Ÿ™‚ ubo and adguard come with lists that deal with it


Thanks Alex! <333


yea some dumbasses tried to use it to steal peoples creditinials


I can’t imagine the ad revenue you guys make from people with non-functional ad blockers! XD! I was just wondering, if I still receive the interstitial ad, but it’s a blank screen, what do I do? Also, the notification like ads show up the first time on the Xtreme test, and then dissapear when I reload and they don’t come back… I have over 5,000,000 domains on my pihole’s blocklist.


How come the extreme test didn’t ask if the website could show notifications? I’m using Chrome and have “quieter messaging” enabled. I still have the adblocker setup that I mentioned before.


comment image
Ran the Extreme test on my piHole and this came up


I really suggest everyone to use Adguard. I didn’t get a single ad on the extreme test and it didn’t slow any webpage down either. I use the desktop application that needs a license but can be used for 2 weeks for free. The browser extension also works very very well, but the windows application works without any extension on every browser, otherwise the extension is good enough. Really loving this service!

Jorge Loggins

SHHHHH!!! Don’t go giving away our secret weapon! ๐Ÿ™‚


my phone can take a slammmm
haven’t seen any ads on my android for about 2 years, i already missed them


which adblocker do you use in your android phone ?


While I don’t know what adblocker they’re using, I do know that Firefox Moblie supports extensions, so you can use an adblocker with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous User

My ad-blocker dealt with the situations and blocked all ads and annoyances, I love my ad-blocker now! At first, I didn’t think it was trustworthy until I did the basic test and it passed. Thank you for putting up this ad-blocker test, now I know that my ad-blocker is a good one to use.


My ad blocker is able to block all the extreme things but not all the easy things ๐Ÿ˜‚


That’s probably because the “extreme things” are actual (as in from external ad services) ads, while the “easy things” are from this site. Ad blockers that only use pre-defined lists probably won’t have “” in there, so they’ll only block the ads from the external services.


Can confirm finished.
I used multiple adblockers all at once: a firewall, a adblocker, anti-adblocker,
ultimate adblocker, vpn adblockerโ€“that is, not a vpn, and more.


Eh, what? So, I get what you mean by ‘vpn adblocker’, things like Blokada shows up as a VPN but they stay local. A firewall, NextDNS maybe? But anti-adblocker? Wdym? Also, using all of these at once can break some of their functions


One of the ads on the ‘Extreme Test’ (I’m assuming the pop-under or the interstitial) loaded since I was trying an A/B comparison of Pi-Hole and UBlock enabled and disabled.

Just a heads up, it loaded a pornographic website that was playing video. Personally, it doesn’t bother me (and is all the more reason to set your adblocking up properly), but I wonder if that should direct to something that’s not unexpected hardcore porn for the polite society amongst us


I assumed it was not by intention; the “Extreme Test” simply utilizes the most invasive types of ads. If anything, it’s a concrete example of how untrustworthy or prone to that type of thing those types of domains can be in practice (I imagine it was set up to be far more benign originally).

Since the goal of the test is to obtain a ‘pass’ result, I figured I should let you know. I spent too much time in the Software QA field so…of course I tried to obtain a ‘fail’ as well


Good test


i use Nano Adblocker + Nano Defender on my browser.
and also i use Energized Protection hosts. it blocks everything except for the camouflage click ads, but still it prevents me from opening it though.
find out more about the project here :


Even the extreme test was very easy for my adblocker (I use the Adguard Adblocker)! But this site is very usable! ๐Ÿ˜€


Brave browser passed the simple and extreme test. Thanks for this test. I would recommend Brave browser for those who wanted to avoid annoying ads.


…or you could just use any other browser *and* an adblocker


why tho? brave has native fingerprint protection, a better adblock than all browsers and even build in freggin noscript… yall gotta stop hating on brave, i used basically all browsers and brave is by far one of the best browser out there


I could not get the extreme test to work with my pihole.


HMMMMM I have a long list of adjusts totalling to about 5 million domains, smoked all the tests!
Here are the lists I use:
Ok these sites blocks very aggressively. you need to whitelist basic sites like google or else you’re screwed.


my adblocker was able to ace the extreme test!!

it would be funny if you thought i was actually and ad

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Thanks for the test, useful on my iPhone


This is hands down the best ad block tester on the web!


I’m using Firefox with uBlock Origin and Ghostery and didn’t see a single ad or popup. Nice site!


Pi-Hole fails on the eXtreme Test, sadness ๐Ÿ™ Fully up-to-tdate

User name

I saw no ads at all on the extreme test with brave on aggressive + ublock origin with a lot of filters enabled


Well Ublock, even just the chrome extension, is amazing and even the hidden popup doesn’t come up.


BlockYouX 3.0.5 + LetMeBlock (both on passes the extreme test, for any of my Odyssey/ra1n gang here looking for ad blocker,


I blocked everything on extreme and nothing on simple, good job adnauseam


good tester


Very useful testing the basic rules for pi-hole. Not 100% but very good.


Great tool to adjust adblocking settings! Thanks a lot!


Thank you very much this is a life saver of time


that was awesome


thank you for block you chat online girl


I just use the brave browser built in ad blocker and it handles extreme test easily without ads


Very cool,Nice test
21 ads blocked๏ปฟ


does extreme test give you unwanted pop ups or viruses kinda like doubleclick net?


uBlock Origin aced the extreme test


nice test my adblocker works nice


Android Vivaldi support custom ad block filters. Vivaldi with default ublock filters block ads effectively. It skip Interstitial Ad countdown and ad block warning didn’t appear. It also passed extreme test.

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emmm my pi hole killed every single ad in the extreme test, for some reason I am very proud


I use Adguard with Orbot (Tor) on my Android phone

It is working perfectly! I didnt See any ad




If you are using uBlock Origin, go into the extension’s settings and click “Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses” and “Block CSP reports”, you might also want to click “I’m an advanced user”

When you click on uBlock Origin it’ll show all of the trackers, I’d also recommend other extensions like HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials to make sure your completely safe from ads and are encrypted.

the boi

Bruh, I used Brave browser with the shield up, it block 100% of the ads
Very epic๏ปฟ


Ad guard works great and has built in Ad blocker defender ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey, ive got a question, is it possible that a pihole can block everything in the Extreme test or is there something that cannot be blocked via dns and stuff and only by a client side adblocker?
I would like to achieve full protection with just a pihole, does anyone know if that is possible?


thanks! i can see if i got scammed or no. i used the adblocker on the google webstore!


Love this page to test my piHole. God I love that thing. Wish I set one up years ago.


Switch to Brave. Didnt see any ads anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Usually I block everything on the eXtreme test, but now there is an ad in the video player, any recommendations for uBlock?


Wow Adblock plus is great it aced the extreme test 10/10 would recommend.

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